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Empire Carpet Offers Broad Selections and Flexible Pricing

Empire carpet is actually part of Empire Today, a home-improvement company based in Illinois but active around the United States. Though most famous for its carpet (the company is well-known for its beloved “588-2300-EMPIRE” jingle, as well as “Empire Man” Elmer Lynn Haldren), Empire also offers flooring and window treatments. Empire Today is also renowned for its wide range of carpet selections, quick installation, and flexible finance options. They have a wide variety of carpets to fit any budget.

Texture and Plush Carpet

One of Empire’s most popular options is its texture carpet, which can be installed in any room of a house. This style is offered in a variety of colors, most of which give off a shimmery tone, and is thick enough to also boast noise-cancelling features. Another popular carpet style available through Empire is the plush variety, made of a more luxurious material and thus best for formal rooms. It is known for its smoothness, and it is also available in a range of colors.

Frieze and Berber Carpet

Empire carpets are also available in frieze and berber varieties. Frieze carpets are generally recommended for rooms that see a lot of traffic, as it is Empire’s most durable option. It is also easy to clean and crush-resistant; i.e. it minimizes the appearance of imprints from people, furniture, and vacuum). Customers can choose not only the specific color, but also the density and fabric of these carpets. Berber is also a resilient and crush-resistant carpet, though this style is characterized by its loop-construction, and it is generally referred to as having a more “rustic” aesthetic.


Empire also offers the option of purchasing an indoor/outdoor carpet, which is often the most suitable choice for porches, patios, and workshops. Like the frieze, berber, and loop designs, these carpets are known for their durability. Additionally, they are also mildew and fade resistant, thus making them better able to handle harsh weather conditions. These carpets are easy to clean, and they are also offered in an array of different colors and designs.

Pricing and Installation

Empire prices its carpets based on a number of factors, including the measurements of fabric needed and the area of space requiring installation. The company offers free at-home consultations and quotes so that every customer can get a clear cost estimate of their individual purchase. Empire also offers extended financing plans (pending credit approval), which allow customers to spread out payments over the course of one year. Furthermore, the company also proffers its famous “next day installation” for nearly all of its carpets, which is performed by qualified, professional installers.

Millions of customers have purchased Empire carpets over the years, and most have testified to the high quality and excellent customer service provided by Empire Today. Judging from testimonials published on the company website, consumers have been most impressed with the speed and efficiency demonstrated by the carpet installers. All of these positive reviews are reflected in Empire’s ranking as a top carpet seller in both 2008 and 2009.